As a church we recognise the need to get together in smaller groups in order to experience a greater level of commitment to one another and to share our faith more deeply than is often possible in a large worship service. We also value the opportunity for members to build their individual giftings and leadership abilities in a more accessable context. Currently we have 10 Cell Group/Bible Studies,  a bunch of Action Teams in the process of launching and many individuals catching up regularly on a one-on-one basis to nurture one another in the faith.

We meet together in each others' homes, at cafes, at the church, in parks, on the sports field, in gardens, on hiking trails... anywhere we need to be for fellowship, discipleship and service. We have Bible Study groups, Peer support and Prayer groups, Afrikaans speaking groups,  Building Teams, Great Grannies Cuddle Posse (caring for young mums), Exercise fellowship groups, 'Just-A-Little-More' frozen meal delivery teams, Young Adults groups,  Soul Craft group,  KYB groups and more.

By serving one another and our community through common ministry focus groups (Action Teams), we aim to grow together as we overcome ministry challenges together - with the Holy Spirit as our guide and helper. In all we do with small groups we aim to be a living expression of Jesus' words in John 13:35: "By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another".

There's a place for all of us who are seeking fellowship, discipleship or active service and we are always keen to find the right fit for members new and old. Contact Matt Barrett-Lennard ( today to get involved.