With Matt Barrett-Lennard as our pilot and a four seat Cessna 175 as the aeroplane, we're using aviation in the spirit of Ephesians Chapter 4; connecting with rural and remote churches to build one another up in Christ. In a state as vast as ours we are excited by the opportunity this ministry provides to reach beyond our home town with the good news of new life in Jesus. 

So far we have focussed on visiting small churchs in the WA Wheatbelt - assisting them to put together a Sunday service. We bring a message from the Word, worship/musicians if required and usually run a kids program as well. This a great encouragement to our isolated brothers and sisters as we bring a fresh perspective and it also takes the pressure of a small fellowship with no paid pastor. Most of all we remind them that they are not alone in Serving our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ - that they are connected to something much bigger - The Kingdom of God!

We also use our aircraft to fly teams from CWCI (Christian Women Communicating International) on their annual remote area safaris around the Pilbara and Kimberly regions. Its a real privelege to partner with them in their common passion to connect with believers in the far flung corners of our State.

Pray with as we look to the future and consider God's leading toward partnering with remote indigenous fellowships as well. Exciting times ahead - If your interested in serving with us in this ministry please get in touch with Matt or Nat Barrett-Lennard.