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The Ruddy Padre. 
In the course of our conversation, she said to me, “Am I missing something? Are people already putting up their Christmas November? Are they early, or am I running late? Or is that a regular thing these days?” In reply I said, “Perhaps the year has been so hard and bleak that people are just hanging out for that regular, reliable season of joy; they just need something to be excited about.”
I can understand that. While we don’t have our Christmas Tree up yet, we have certainly had Christmas music playing in our house for a little while already.
Coming towards December, most people’s minds are already either drifting towards or rushing headlong into the festive season. And I, for one say, “Don’t apologize for the carols playing, and the trees glittering, even though it is still November! It is a time to be joyous about! You see, we are celebrating the coming of the Saviour of the world!”
In Matthew chapter 2 we read of the wise men of the east following the star that would lead them to where Jesus was in Bethlehem. And in v10 we read, “When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy.” This was more than a sight that simply brought a smile to their face. It was a reality that caused their heart to leap within them! The world was burdened under the weight of sin and oppression. It wasn’t just Israel that groaned, but the whole world. Jesus coming was the game changer, and for that, these foreign rulers from far countries were filled with joy unspeakable.
Maybe that is why carols as early as October are becoming regular sounds (even secretly), and stars and angels hung upon trees in November is becoming a more common sight. But hey, don’t apologize.